Omega Park - Wildlife park of Quebec's animals - Parc Oméga

Parc Omega is a safari park in Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, Quebec, Canada (just north of Montebello). Along a 12-kilometre (7.5 mi) nature route are lakes, meadows, small valleys, forests, and rocky hills. It is home to much wildlife including moose, bears, raccoons, and wolves. During the summer there are shows featuring birds of prey. The site also has a restaurant with a panoramic view. The park is open daily, year round.

The park is a drive-through experience, meaning visitors stay in their cars and drive through the park on a winding trail. They also offer three walking trails, playgrounds and picnic areas.

The park runs two low-power FM radios stations that provide guidance and direction, in English and French. The complete experience takes about two to three hours.

Bags of carrots can be purchased at the visitors center at the start of the tour; these are fed to "safe" animals (elk, etc.) throughout the tour, which come up to a visitor's car for treats.



1. 机场接送

2. 搬家

3. 旅游购物包车, 临时用车, 边境登陆, 货运

4. 安排住宿, 租房, 寄宿家庭

5. 参观学校, 协助办卡

6. 私人导游

7. 行李轮胎等物品寄存 



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